JCC Counseling Center

Call or Text 988 - Crisis or Mental Health Lifeline


SENIORS: Please complete the "Plans after Graduation" document sent to you in Schoology. I want to make sure if you need help, we schedule time together. Thank you for your patience with scheduling time with me.


If your plan is to attend a college/university, JCC will host a Financial Aid Night in February. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens after January 1st, 2024.


Use the search bar on the admission's page for any college/university you are accepted to and check for possible scholarships that you can apply for. Don't wait! Deadlines sneak up quickly.


If you are considering full-time employment, looking at joining the military or taking a year off, I encourage you to talk things through with the important adults in your life. I would be honored if you consider me to be one of these trusted adults. Thank you.

Please review the daily Bulletin (link to the left) for dates when post-secondary representatives are visiting our high school. Sign up in the Counseling Center.

Scholarships & Opportunities

Scholarships & Opportunities for JCC High School Students

As scholarships and opportunities come in, they will be added to this document. The Counseling Center has a student assistant who updates the document as needed.

Seniors interested in pursuing careers in healthcare can stop in the counseling office for an application for the Dr. Rose Fund. The Dr. Rose Fund is a low interest loan program given to qualified individuals seeking a profession in healthcare.

Official transcript requests for all JCC graduates and past students are handled by our administrative assistant in the high school office. 

All current students have access to view their transcripts on their IC account under "documents." If an official transcript is needed, it must be requested from the high school counselor. 

Final transcripts for all graduates must be requested prior to the high school graduation ceremony and will be mailed to the college/university the graduate releases it to. 

High School Graduation Credit Requirements

ACT Test Dates

ACT Testing dates

JCC High School's code: 241-215



If you plan to participate in Division 1 or 2 college athletics after high school you need to register with the NCAA.