JCC Middle School

6th-8th Grades

703 Mill Road East - Lakefield, Minnesota

PO Box 338

507 662 6625 (phone) 507 847 3078 (fax)


Start Time 8:15

Dismiss Time 3:20


Due to the extreme winter this winter, we have missed eleven school days.  Five of those days were distance learning days, the max allowed by the state.  Three days will be made up on other days (January 23, April 6 and June 2).  We still need to make up three days.

Starting March 13th, we will extend our learning day by ten minutes. School dismissal for Middle School (grades 4 - 8) will be at 3:20 pm for the remainder of the year.  



1:30 pm dismissal on Wednesdays UNTIL MARCH 13TH. Starting March 15th, Wednesday dismissal will be 3:20 as will dismissal be Monday through Friday.

MS Class Schedule after 3/13/23:

1st - 8:15 - 9:04

2nd- 9:07 - 9:56

3rd - 9:59 - 10:48

4th - 10:51 - 11:40

5th A- 11:43 - 12:14   Lunch hr

           12:17 - 1:04   Class

5th B - 11:43 - 12:30   Class

            12:33 - 1:04   Lunch hr

6th- 1:07 - 1:56

7th - 1:59 - 2:46

8th - 2:49 - 3:20

Welcome to JCC Middle

Hello from the JCC Middle School!

As we continue on our whole learner-centered learning approach at the middle school you will see some changes to programming while others still remain the same. The Husky Way Midmester program will continue. We will continue to have eight days in the fall and eight days in the spring to experience some project-based, real world classes/skills. One of the new items to help us on our whole learner approach is inquiry based learning. This is where students are encouraged to explore, ask questions and share ideas vs the standard teacher delivering 100% of the content and the students sitting and reciting the material. Staff will be implementing opportunities for students to practice this important skill and learning tool throughout the school year.

As always, if you have any questions please give me a call at 662-6625 or email at Chris.Naumann@jccschools.com

Chris Naumann
JCC 4th-8th Grade Principal


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Calendar Changes
New Dismissal Time

New Dismissal Time starting March 13th, 2023

Wed Mar 08 01:00 PM

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Virtual Learning Day Information

Virtual Learning Day Information

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