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General Information

1128 North Highway,
P.O. Box 119
Jackson, MN 56143

Office: (507) 847-3608
Fax: (507) 847-3078


If you are trying to email a teacher or staff member, click on their name below.  Emails are

JCC High School

1128 North Highway

PO Box 119

Jackson, MN 56143

Phone: 507-847-5310

Fax: 507-847-3078

JCC Middle School

& Pleasantview Elem

703 Mill Road East

PO Box 754

Lakefield, MN 56150

Phone: 507-662-6218

Phone: 507-662-6625

Fax: 507-662-5063

Fax: 507-662-6690

Riverside Elem

820 Park St

Jackson, MN 56143

Phone: 507-847-5963

Fax: 507-847-4398

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Pleasantview Elementary School

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Riverside Elementary

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