JCC Community Education Youth Sports

Philosophy of JCC Community Education for Youth Sports
adopted 5-30-2007

JCC Community Education Youth Sports are designed to allow all children an opportunity to have fun, participate, and learn fundamental sports skills.  We are committed to providing both educational and recreational programs and services.  Participants will learn sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, fair play and self-confidence.  The sports environment will be safe and well maintained.  Prudent behavior by adults is mandatory.
Essential components of JCC Community Education Sports Philosophy


  1. All children in our communities who meet the basic program registration requirements have a right to participate in JCC CE youth sports programs.
  2. JCC CE programs are about the development of the individual and the learning of the sport.
  3. JCC CE will offer programs at a reasonable cost, while providing quality facilities and quality equipment for both volunteers and participants.
  4. JCC CE will recruit volunteers who have the ability to act as role models, mentors and facilitators.
  5. All participants in JCC CE youth sport programs shall be treated fairly, and without regard to race, color, disability, religion, sex or national origin.
  6. JCC CE youth sport program practices and games should be an enjoyable, challenging, and learning experience for all participants.
  7. Those people in coaching and leadership positions in JCC CE youth sport programs shall lead by example through the promotion of fair play and sportsmanship.
  8. JCC CE programs focus on the enjoyment of the sport – Not the score.
  9. JCC CE Age policy is as follows:
            --Children should play at their grade level for CE sports through grade 6.
            --In a program set up by grade levels, coaches and volunteers may not bring up a younger player when a player at the correct age level is available – through grade 6.
            --If it is necessary to divide an grade level into two teams because of large numbers, the teams should be divided as evenly as possible by skill level.  There will not be a “varsity” group and a “b-squad” group.
            --Parents may use an"Age Waiver Form" to apply for a higher placement in special circumstances.
  10. Parents Guidelines: Parents must:
            --Select a program that will enhance your child’s emotional, physical, social and educational well-being.  Make sure your child is properly equipped.
            --Encourage a drug, tobacco and alcohol-free environment for their children.
            --Recognize that youth sports are only a small part of a child’s life.
            --Make a serious effort to take an active role in the youth sports experience of their child providing positive support as a spectator, coach and/or caring parent.
            --Be a positive role model for sportsmanlike behavior at games and practices.
            --Insist on safe playing facilities and healthful playing situations.
            --Insist on equal sports play opportunity for all youth regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status or ability.
            --Be drug, tobacco and alcohol-free as coaches and fans at youth sports activities.