History Day

JCC History Day started in 2006.  Over 25,000 students from Minnesota compete annually in regional competitions.  About 1,500 advance to state and approximately 60 of those students are chosen by judges to represent Minnesota at the national competition in Washington D.C.  Similar to a science fair, students choose a topic related to a yearly historical theme.  Students may compete individually or in groups up to five students.  They can also compete in one of five categories: exhibit board, documentary, website, performance, and for individuals only, papers.  Since 2006, JCC has had numerous students compete at the regional and state level and 10 students advanced to the national competition in D.C.


Not only do students get to compete in competitions but our students have had incredible experiences interacting with historical individuals.  JCC students have talked with Senator John Lewis, a key civil rights leader, Betty Strofus, member of the WASPs, Sentinels from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, members of the Black Panthers, Vietnam protesters, and numerous authors.


History Day helps students develop college level research skills, coherent writing, and quality presentation skills.


Angie Beckel - Advisor