Check out our daily bulletins!  Announcements include important dates, lunch and breakfast items, daily high school activities, etc.


  • Reminder: We have a closed campus during lunch hour. If you forgot your lunch, we serve meals in our Cafeteria.
  • Students who drive or ride with someone who drives, be organized and bring all your stuff into school (backpacks, sweatshirts, lunch/snacks, Chromebooks, writing utensils, headphones….). You will not be allowed to go out and retrieve forgotten items.

Arriving Late / Leaving Early

  1. Students who arrive to school after 8:10 am or leave before 3:15 pm must enter and exit through the Main Office.
  2. You will need to use the Sign In/Sign Out sheets. Arriving late or leaving early requires a parent or guardian to call the Main Office to provide an excused absence. Students who do not use the Sign In/Sign Out sheets will be unexcused. If a parent or guardian do not contact the office of the absence it will be considered unexcused. Unexcused absences lead to truancy. Let’s not be truant.
  3. Athlete’s leaving early for events at other schools, your excused times are posted on the Activities Calendars and in the School Announcements. Leaving class before your excused time can lead to an unexcused absents and could prevent you from competing that day.
  4. If a student is in possession or using an electronic device or other nuisance item during class time without permission, the item will be confiscated and taken to the Main Office. A parent, guardian, or parent designee (not of school age) will need to pick up the phone.


Graduation Commencement will be held on
Friday, May 31, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.


  • Reminders to students who participate in Athletics or Activities.
  • A student may not participate in any activity or program if he or she has an unexcused absence from any class during the day.
  • In order to attend, practice and/or participate in any school activity after school hours you must be PRESENT for periods 4 – 8.In order to participate in any game or activity, you must be present and not tardy for periods 1 – 8.
  • Students returning from late games and activities are expected to be in school the following day on time.