Quarantine Guidance


If someone in your home has COVID-19:

Stay home and away from others for 14 days.

14-day quarantine timeline, the option if you live with the contact

When you live with someone who has COVID-19, you should quarantine during the time they might be contagious (their isolation period), as well as the time you could develop COVID-19. This may mean you need to quarantine for 24 days or more.

Your 14-day quarantine period starts the day after the person you live with completes their isolation period.

This is usually:

  • 10 days from the day their symptoms started.
  • If they didn't have symptoms, 10 days from the day they got tested.

If multiple people in your home have COVID-19, your 14-day quarantine period starts after the last person has completed their isolation.

How long to stay home provides more information about isolation for people who have COVID-19.

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